Streaming on a Budget: The Best Free Ad-Supported Streaming Services

Money Apr 23, 2023

In our previous post titled 'The Rise of Ads in Video Streaming: The Economics of Ad-Free Paid Streaming Services,' we discussed the emergence of FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming Television) and why it is a better business model compared to traditional paid streaming services.

We initially planned to create a follow-up article ranking the best free ad-supported streaming services currently available. However, the content available in each streaming service changes so rapidly, so instead we have decided to list what we think are the best, in no particular order, and mention the companies behind them.

Pluto TV (Paramount Global)

One of the most popular services on the list and one of the pioneers, Pluto TV is owned and operated by the Paramount Streaming division of Paramount Global, which also owns brands like CBS and Viacom.

It sports hundreds of live and linear channels and thousands of movies and television shows available on demand.

Tubi (Fox Corporation)

Tubi is a division of FOX Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of FOX Corporation. The latter also owns other media properties, including FOX News and FOX Sports.

It sports over 50,000 movies and TV shows, including a growing library of Tubi Originals, 200 local and live news and sports channels.

Freevee (Amazon)

Freevee is Amazon's challenger into the free ad-supported streaming services craze. Amazon also owns Amazon Prime Video, also known simply as Prime Video, and the Amazon ecommerce platform.

It sports thousands of movies, shows, Freevee Originals and live 24/7 entertainment channels.

Plex (Independent by Plex Inc)

Plex, owned and operated by Plex Inc., is more than just a streaming service; it has gained notoriety for its powerful media player app. Moreover, it can act as a comprehensive streaming guide, enabling users to add their subscribed streaming services onto the app and easily search for a particular movie or TV show across all of their subscriptions.

Plex operates as an independent streaming service provider, separate from major industry players. It sports over 50,000 on demand titles and over 300 live TV channels. It made it to the list because of the amazing list of documentaries it has for its many active users.

Anything we forgot to include on this list? Feel free to send us a message so we can try it out and see if it will make it to our list.

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