About Me

Name: Aldrin Zigmund Cortez Velasco

What I Am: Equities, Cryptocurrencies and Precious Metals Investor. Austrian Economist. Programmer. Digital Privacy and Free Open-Source Software Advocate. Gay Moderate Conservative Christian.

What I Studied: Economics. Software Development.

Interests: Business. Finance. Economics. Technology (mostly cloud and software). Quantum Physics. Public Relations. Music (mostly pop - English, Filipino, Korean and Thai). Metaphysics. Astrology.

Hobbies: Coding and Poking Around New Technology. Watching and Reading Business News. Listening to Music. Writing songs. Watching Documentaries. Watching BL movies and series.

Height: 158 cm (5'2")

Weight: 38 kg (84 lbs)

Diet: Flexitarian

Natal Sky: Pisces Sun. Taurus Moon. Pisces Venus. Fire Ox.

Monero Wallet: