Securing your Smartphone from External Threats

Technology Mar 8, 2023

Many of us now rely on our smartphones for so many things we do in our daily lives. Our banking, shopping, and even our family communications happen on such a small and easily stolen device, which we carry with us almost every day.

Here, we provide you with two things that you could easily do to secure your device in case it gets stolen.

Lock Screen

Make sure that it can't be used by anyone unauthorized. Have a lock screen that requires a passcode, biometrics, or Face ID to unlock. Be cautious when entering your passcode and keep a close eye on your device when it is unlocked, especially since most email apps don't require a separate PIN to access them on a linked device. This is important because both you and thieves could potentially use these apps to access online accounts that you forgot or don't have the password to.


It's easy for us to retrieve many of our accounts that we forgot the passwords to by sending OTPs (One-Time Passwords) to our mobile phone numbers. However, this also means that thieves can potentially access our accounts if they have access to a SIM card without a PIN, which they can use to receive OTPs on another device. This is especially concerning for mobile wallets that only require a phone number to access.

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