Restoring Trust to Elections

Life and Poetry Mar 8, 2023

The results of elections have been causing a lot of confusion, commotion, and chaos not just in developing countries, but also in developed ones, over the past several years.

In the past, completing this essential part of democracy required the efforts of many people. Nowadays, the use of machines for counting votes has become more prevalent, leading to the exclusion of people without the technical skills from verifying the authenticity of our elections.

Now, even those with the technical skills are often excluded since the machines and software used are often not open-source, meaning that their inner workings are only available to a few, like authorized government officials and certain employees of the companies that produce them.

We have to admit that the cause of increased mistrust is the centralization of our modern-day elections through the use of machines supplied only by a few companies, and only a few people truly understand. While the use of ballot counting machines has made our elections more efficient, reducing the time it takes to count votes from several days to just a few hours, it has also led to increased mistrust among the people it was meant to help.

We must choose between efficiency and the trust of everyone in our democratic process. We believe that the latter is more important, as it ensures that everyone feels included and prevents mistrust that can lead to other issues.

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