Abortion and Death Penalty

Life and Poetry Aug 29, 2022

"Never take something that you know you can never return" is a principle that I believe both I and the world should live by. This is particularly important if the taker has not obtained or is unable to obtain consent from the possessor, a concept that certainly applies to one of today's global dilemmas.

Let's talk about death penalty first. We all know the many, many instances innocent people were locked up in jail for years, only to be proven not guilty. There has been a lot of instances as well that it has been used against political opponents and journalists who are just trying to fight for what they think is true and right.

Some supporters of death penalty have suggested before that it can be used to reduce corruption and crime but I think it'll only make a little difference, no one really wants to be behind bars their entire life, but the power it gives to people in power to forever silence their opponents is a bigger threat. I don't see any difference to the living outside of prison either, they won't be living with a person proven guilty in a court even if the said person will spend his life forever in jail rather than in peace.

I think what societies that are against death penalty could do is apply death penalty in their country only to citizens of countries that will do the same if their citizens were convicted there. In that way, better negotiations can be carried out. It won't stop death penalty in a foreign country but it will certainly make the two countries equal and will save the citizens of countries that condemns death penalty from such practice.

Second is abortion, I think it'll be harder for me to argue this one as I am not a woman but I think it is selfish for a mother to kill a child who is unable to think for himself or give consent, and I think it is selfish for a society also to let such things happen without a fight. The simplest answer is we don't know if a child would rather live or die once it reaches the age that it can make decisions for itself and it is definitely wrong for any of us to think we know what that child would want.

I do think though that governments should assist mothers who pledge that they would be giving away their child after 9 months, nothing different from indigent families getting assistance from their government, but maybe should be limited only to victims of nonconsensual sex (if its ability to pay is limited) to avoid taxpayers taking someone else's responsibility for their misdoing. This is better than handing out money to corporations that people don't want (reason why they are not making money) or not using their resources efficiently that other more efficient businesses should be using instead.

Written on this article is my opinion. I think I am right but I am not always right just like every one of us. It is best to keep the conversation going without hostility to those that don't share the same views so we can all learn from each other. Don't forget to subscribe!