Most Handsome BL Actors Who Played a Seme Role

BL Jul 14, 2021

I hadn't planned to post this article yet, but after checking my website's analytics and noticing a significant number of visits to my 'Top BLs to Watch Before You Die' list, I decided to go ahead with it.

Here, I present my list of the Most Handsome BL Actors Who Played a Seme Role. This is solely my opinion and reflects what I perceive to be the actors that people appreciate the most in terms of appearance. The list is intentionally short because I prefer simplicity—just a top 3 of undeniable handsomeness.

Bright Vachirawit

He played many roles before but is most famous for his role as Sarawat in '2gether' (2020). It gained immense popularity, reaching my country in ways that no Thai BL had done before. This even led to a local network featuring him and his partner from the said series.

Pond Naravit

He is known for his role as Mork in 'Fish Upon The Sky' (2021). Pond is not only attractive because of his appearance but also due to his unique voice. He possesses a low and husky voice that, in my opinion, perfectly suits the seme role. His portrayal of Pond, determined to win Pi's heart in the series, has only added to his attractiveness.

Kao Noppakao

He has played numerous roles in BL dramas and remains a favorite. Some of his notable roles include Korn in 'Until We Meet Again' (2019) and Nubsib in 'Lovely Writer' (2021). In addition to his handsome face, he also boasts a very muscular build, which sets him apart from others on this list.

Here are my top picks for my list of Most Handsome BL Actors Who Played a Seme Role. I'll keep updating this list as new talents emerge in the BL industry. As always, thank you for reading, and may you have a happy life with me...

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