zigfi - One of My Free and Open-Source Software

Technology Jan 6, 2022

Zigfi is an open-source command-line interface (CLI) app, written entirely in Rust, for monitoring stock, commodities, and cryptocurrency prices, allowing you to organize the assets you're watching into watchlists for easy access on the terminal. The project used to be just my personal app until I decided to share it.

I designed it with GNU/Linux in mind but also created an exe file for those who want to test it on Windows. Builds for Debian-based, Fedora-based, Arch-based, and Windows are available on my GitHub profile.

It's amusing that I've had people asking if I'm trolling Zig, another programming language. Interestingly, Zig actually originated from my name, and I was unaware of the Zig programming language until now.

I look forward to adding more features in the future.

Check it on its GitHub page: https://github.com/aldrinzigmundv/zigfi