Year 2020

Life and Poetry Jan 16, 2021

So how was 2020 for you?

It was mixed. In terms of achievements, I think I achieved the most last year due to several factors and conditions that I've been preparing for for a few years now. It was still great and I'm very grateful for it.

So what went bad, then?

My relationships were pretty mixed. I have mended a few relationships, including some that have been bad for too long but very important to me, which is great. A few didn't go well last year, but it was okay. I'm just really thankful to all the people who have been there for me and never left. They are a treasure I keep in my heart.

That's very deep.

I think it is. laughter

Speaking about relationships. How was your love life? Did you have any in 2020?

laughter Let's not talk about it. more laughter

Why not?

I have been busy with a lot of things lately. There's a lot of things I want to do as well. So many, that it stresses me out, but it's fun.

So, what have you been doing lately?

A lot. I think I'm getting back to my old love for tech from economics and finance. I'm a Pisces, I swim around. So we've been hanging out on that side again, more than, say, investments. laughter Something that I just realized as well, tech is much harder than looking at economic and market data, at least for me. I have been really tired lately. Been talking about feeling like I want to throw up as well, when my stress levels go up to a certain level. It was hard but nothing beats the feeling of actually achieving something. I've been writing songs as well when I feel like it.

What do you think is your biggest achievement last year?

I think my investments. We're doing really great and I know that it will be a lot more better soon as well. I've been preparing for this for a long time now.

What is the biggest lesson you've learned last year?

I learned more about myself. quiet laughter I consider myself as someone smart, loving and childlike, but I do have a complicated personality that even I don't fully comprehend at times. more laughter I still am better than most people I think. I don't know. giggling

Last question, what is it you want to tell yourself if you could talk to yourself back in 2020 right now?

Just keep going. There's a lot more to life than your mistakes. You were never perfect anyway. Learn from them but don't forget that they're not everything. You'll be alright. Also, always leave some for yourself. This is true to all my Pisceans out there as well. laughter

Always leave some for yourself.

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