Top BLs To Watch Before You Die

BL May 17, 2021

I have been so busy lately so I haven't been posting anything. I am really sorry but I'm making a lot of progress with my tech project, as well as with my investments, which are my very focus as of this moment. I really hope I'm not pushing myself too much but I'm happy, though always tired.

Here I'm giving a list of BLs that one should watch before one dies. May we all have a long happy life! It's a very short list, as I always like it simple, made of BLs that I think is the best so far.

  1. A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021)

This is a true piece of art. It's not just a true BL with a lot of sweet moments from the main and only couple in the show but teaches us a lot more about life without ruining or turning from the BL concept at anytime. There are lessons about sacrfice (without the drama being too heavy), responsibility, appreciating what you have and a lot more. There are a lot of quotes as well that you can take from the show like the beautiful line of the village's head, "Do you know what's harder than asking for forgiveness? It's forgiving yourself.".

This show is totally worth it. I actually almost didn't watch the show after watching the trailer because I didn't like that part that the boy may have only been in love after the heart transplant which the heart came from a girl who may have already been in love with this man but I'm very glad that I watched it. I guess there's some magic also with the show, as the feelings being transferred to another person throught the heart is already magic, even the woodwind instruments from the songs in this series tell it all.

2. Love By Chance (2018)

This is a very cute one. Definitely something to watch if you want to watch a well-crafted and romantic BL. It's very lightweight and focuses more on the relationship between couples, unlike other BLs at its time that are stuck in the coming out and struggles from external forces, like society, concept. There's realizing that you're in love, being in love, protecting someone you love, giving to someone you love, jealousy and a lot more about relationships. I still can remember how much I struggled waiting for each episode as it only premiers one episode per week.

3.  2 Moons (2017)

This is the oldest one on this list and one of those BLs that introduced extremely high production in the genre. You will definitely see it with how it's made. It's the same as the second one on this list in terms of being lightweight and the focus in the relationships but took it further as there's very little external forces touching the growing relationship between couples. Very ideal for those who just wants a blooming relationship in a BL show. I think I made it third instead of second as the second one has a lot more flavor in it.

So here are my list of the best BLs one should watch before one dies. If you feel like you know something better than any on the list, you can message me so I can take a look if it can replace any of the BLs I have on this list. Thank you very much for reading and may you all have a good life with me.

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