Project: The Monero Journal

May 8, 2023

I have been working a lot recently and haven't posted any updates on this site for a while, but I would like to take some time to post a new project that I have been supporting for quite some time now.

I would like to invite everyone to read The Monero Journal, an online business magazine, which I have been sponsoring by providing free hosting, maintenance services, etc.

Monero means "coin" in Esperanto and also the name of a cryptocurrency which I love.

I decided to take on the role of being a sponsor to try something fresh and new, while also planning how I would settle down in the future as I am already in my late 20s. I am hoping that everything will happen the way I have planned, even though I know that there may be some surprises along the way. It's hard to believe how quickly the years have passed.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a peaceful and prosperous life filled with happiness.