My Most Anticipated BL for 2022

BL Feb 7, 2022

I've been busy with software development lately and was unable to make any new posts, but I am really excited about this new BL series premiering on the 19th of February this year so I decided to give it some time.

Here's the trailer:

Cutie Pie Series - Trailer

The series is mainly about an arranged BL couple, sons of two companies, where the seme will do what he could to win over his uke who wants to break the arrangement.

This is the first time such a concept came up in BL (at least I'm not aware of any BL series/movie with the same concept before), though I always had such a concept in mind waiting for a group of people to materialize it.

There's something about arranged marriages in movies and series as well, as they often mean head-on romance, where the couple get to know and understand each other head-on, sometimes almost unwillingly, because of their situation. Some people may not like the concept, but I always believed that commitment means more to a lasting relationship than love, one reason why I think older couples rarely separate.

Zee Pruk

The seme role is played by Zee Pruk, which a lot of us BL fans probably already know from his previous series, who does look like a prince charming himself, and definitely a good pick for a wealthy serious heir who is going to win over his uke who wants to undo their engagement.

New Chawarin

The uke role is played by New Chawarin who is a new comer I think (at least I've never seen him before) but has all the charms an uke should have and so far has been doing well looking at the teaser and trailer of the series.

The series will also sport 2 more BL couples, according to the teaser and trailer we've seen, and I can't wait to see these couples as well.

I'm really excited and regrets watching the series' teaser too early that I waited so long to be able to watch it, but it is already happening and I am very excited. The series will be on YouTube as well, which will make a lot of international fans' lives easier. Again, that's on the 19th of February.

Thank you for reading and have a happy life with me.

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