Most Underrated BL Ever

BL Feb 4, 2021

Been busy with my investments, and Chinese New Year is coming, so I wasn't able to post anythin' for awhile. Here I would like to discuss probably the most underrated BL so far.

One of the best things about this BL series is that it won't get you bored even on its first episode. The series starts with a lot of comedy (the romance and conflicts was very impressive as well), which I find very pleasing as I usually find most early episodes boring due to their nature of boringly introducing the characters and setting. The series started off in a way that I don't have to drag myself to watch more episodes to figure out if it's really something I would want to watch till the last episode. See the series' teaser below:

My Engineer, the name of this Thai lakorn series, has 4 couples, which I think made the series even better for BL lovers. The 4 are very different from each other and have their own different stories, but still sticks together in one series interacting with each other. The overall story is just great, as well as the chemistry between the couples with all the different scenes that showed how each couple love each other and why. There's also a scene between the seme student doctor, the uke business student and his mother, that you have to watch out for. I really love it when ordinary things become something important later on in the series.

The series I think, didn't get the popularity it deserves due to the restrictions put in place to watch the show. In the Philippines, I think the episodes are still blocked until now on YouTube and viewers are required to download WeTV on their devices just to watch the series, which in my opinion, discouraged some people from actually watching the series due to that extra big step they have to take just for one series. You don't normally download an app just for a movie or series.

I do encourage everyone who loves BL, Boys Love or Yaoi to watch the series and tell me what you think about it. This series I think is probably one of the best BLs out there, especially for people like me who dislike tragic BLs, which Thai BLs I think is rarely about. One of my best friends didn't really like the characters (not attractive enough to him, he has a different taste) but watched the series until the end after just watching the first episode, due again to how the series was constructed, and this friend don't watch BLs with actors he is not attracted to. Not me though, I fell in love with MD Nutthapong at first sight.

Thank you for reading. Please, be advised that I didn't even make a single revision or edit on this post, as I am really busy, so ignore any typos or grammar mistakes. Let's all have a happy life, people...with me. Love you, all.

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