Most Underrated BL Ever

BL Feb 4, 2021

Been busy with my investments, and Chinese New Year is coming, so I haven't been able to post anything for a while. Here, I would like to discuss probably the most underrated BL series so far.

One of the best things about this BL series is that it won't bore you, even from the first episode. The series begins with a lot of comedy which I find very pleasing. Typically, I find early episodes tedious due to their tendency to slowly introduce characters and settings. This series, however, starts in a way that doesn't require me to drag myself through more episodes to figure out if it's genuinely something I'd want to watch until the last episode.

See the series' teaser below:

My Engineer, the name of this Thai lakorn series, features four couples, which, in my opinion, makes the series even better for BL enthusiasts. The four couples are very different from each other and have their own unique stories, yet they remain interconnected within the same series, interacting with each other. The overall story is compelling, and the chemistry between the couples, showcased in various scenes, highlights the depth of their love and reasons for it. Keep an eye out for a scene involving the seme student doctor, the uke business student, and his mother. I particularly appreciate it when ordinary moments gain great significance later in the series.

I believe the series didn't achieve the popularity it deserves due to the restrictions imposed on its viewership. In the Philippines, I believe the episodes are still blocked on YouTube, and viewers are required to download WeTV on their devices just to watch the series. In my opinion, this additional step may have discouraged some people from watching the series. I mean, you don't normally have to download an app just for a movie or series.

I encourage everyone who loves BL, Boys Love, or Yaoi to watch the series and share your thoughts with me. In my opinion, this series is probably one of the best BLs out there, especially for people like me who dislike tragic BLs, which, I believe, are rarely seen in Thai BLs. One of my best friends didn't really like the characters (they weren't attractive enough for him, as he has different tastes) but watched the series until the end after just seeing the first episode. This was due, again, to how the series was constructed. My friend doesn't typically watch BLs with actors he is not attracted to. As for me, I fell in love with MD Nutthapong at first sight.

Thank you for reading. Please be advised that I didn't make a single revision or edit on this post, as I am really busy. Ignore any typos or grammar mistakes. Let's all have a happy life, people... with me. Love you all.

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