Most Successful BL Franchise - Movie Release

BL Nov 8, 2021

A lot of people are looking forward to Singles' Day on 11.11 (at least I think they are) but fans like me out there, are waiting for probably the most successful BL franchise so far, and that is no other than 2gether releasing a movie on that same day.

It's not the one that I am looking forward to the most, I have my eyes on Cutie Pie The Series because of its concept, though its trailer (Cutie Pie The Series) didn't meet my expectations, but I am definitely going to watch it. 2gether I think is the most successful BL franchise so far, though it didn't make it on my top list, and the reason why, I think, both the leads appeared in 2021's list of most handsome men in the world as well. Season 1 for me was okay, season 2 I liked more and now they are going to release a movie.

We also saw a huge avalanche of BL releases recently but I'm afraid that most of them doesn't come close to the quality of those we saw in the past and high budget BLs got delayed, including this one, after it got postponed due to the pandemic I think.

Here is the trailer...

The trailer was a bit disappointing as it used most of its clips I think from the 1st and 2nd season of the series, which maybe some of you expected as it did say that the movie will connect the first and second seasons more, but it is a bit disappointing for me, as I wanted to see more of the new stuff in the movie and anticipate, and trailers are supposed to be teasing making you eager to watch the full movie or series, don't you think?

Also, the trailer itself didn't give us much detail about what the movie is actually going to give its viewers but good thing there has been some details already out there, though not in the trailer, which is really what made me want to watch it.

It said that we're going to see more of our beloved seme's point of view (that is no other than Sarawat, played by Bright Vachirawit, which in my opinion is the most handsome man out there, for real, though I find Pond Naravit more appealing for some reason) which is an extreme plus. The smiles on our faces when 2gether season one did that, making us feel like they are really destined for each other from the start. The same great feeling when 2 Moons (2017) and the movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2010) did the same thing in the past where the cold-looking guy turned out to be in love from the beginning. Also, there's I think a ringbox in the teaser, are they finally going to get married after living together? That's one thing we want to find out as well.

Don't forget to watch the movie. I wrote this article as I am quite excited for the movie and the articles on my website with the highest views are all about BLs so this definitely needs to get posted. May you all have a great life with me...

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