Diversity and Inclusion According to a Gay Christian Asian

Life and Poetry Feb 12, 2023

As a member of a minority group, I, Aldrin Zigmund Velasco, a gay Christian Asian, would like to share my perspective on the current state of diversity and inclusion. I think that the current trend of diversity and inclusion in the workforce can sometimes be taken too far, resulting in harm to the very people it is meant to help.

In the past, individuals from minority groups who achieved positions of power and wealth were seen as trailblazers and role models, breaking down societal barriers. However, it has become increasingly difficult to view these individuals in this light, as it seems that their achievements nowadays are often the result of a requirement for diversity and inclusion, rather than their abilities and hard work. This perception raises concerns that opportunities and positions are being taken away from individuals who may have been more deserving.

It is unfortunate that the drive for diversity and inclusion in the workplace may have unintended consequences for hardworking employees who do not belong to minority groups. These individuals may be at a disadvantage as companies strive to meet diversity and inclusion requirements, potentially causing them to miss out on opportunities and advancement despite their hard work and dedication.

I, as a customer and investor, want companies to focus on hiring the best people for the job, regardless of their race, sexual orientation, or other factors. Customers can benefit from better products and services, and investors and pensioners can receive the returns they seek for their hard-earned money.

It is important to note that the perspective I shared in this article is just my own. There is value in continuing the conversation and actively seeking diverse perspectives on issues related to diversity and inclusion. Only through ongoing discussion and reflection can we gain a deeper understanding of this complex issue and develop effective approaches that promote equality and fairness for all.