Censorship is the Same No Matter to Whom You Apply It

Life and Poetry Jul 28, 2021

Censorship is the same no matter to whom you apply it. It involves allowing only a select few to determine which information should be disseminated and which should be restricted. It discriminates against people and erodes their responsibility by preventing independent thought. It places others in a subordinate position by withholding the information they need to discern which side they want to take.

It prevents open discussions and creates opportunities for those who want to suppress others to benefit themselves. They achieve this by controlling a select few who have the power to silence people, either in real life or in cyberspace, such as social media companies.

Misinformation has existed long before the advent of social media. It is not a new phenomenon and is likely to persist. I believe it is an adversary that we can never completely eradicate, and attempting to do so may lead to our own undoing. It poses a threat to our right to speak out against those who hold power or whom we perceive as incorrect.

The best weapon against misinformation is education. Educate people not to trust everything they read, see, or hear. Instill in them the importance of being wary and critical of information received. It is also the responsibility of parents to teach their children to rely on their own judgment rather than depending solely on those who provide information.This could potentially reduce the frequency of news stories about people falling victim to scams due to their trust. I believe that emphasizing education, rather than resorting to censorship, is a more effective approach to combating misinformation. This way, we can address the issue without compromising our right to free speech.

We can't watch out for each other all the time, so let individuals take responsibility for their own well-being.

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