Censorship is the Same No Matter to Whom You Apply It

Life and Poetry Jul 28, 2021

Censorship is the same no matter to whom you apply it.

It's the practice of letting only a few decide which information should spread and should not.

It discriminates people and takes away their responsibility to themselves by not letting them think for themselves, putting others on a lower position by not letting them get all the information they could to distinguish which side they are going to take.

It prevents open discussions, and opens up the opportunity for those who want to suppress others to benefit themselves by controlling those who has the hands to silence people either in real life or in cyberspace.

Misinformation has been around, even way before social media. It's not new and something that I think will always be there. It's an enemy that I think we can never destroy and can end up destroying ourselves, our right to speak against those who captured power or we think are incorrect, if we try.

The best weapon against misinformation is education. Educate people to not trust everything that they read, see or hear. Educate people to always be wary of people and what they tell them. Also, a responsibility of parents  to teach their children, to depend on their own judgement, than just relying on those who gives them information.

This might as well lessen news about people falling victims to scams that we hear in the news almost everyday because they are so trusting. I think that this will do more against misinformation without reducing our right to speech. Education over censorship.

We can't also watch for each other all the time, so let others watch over themselves.

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