Ask Birthday Boy - 24 Crazy Years

Life and Poetry Mar 7, 2021

So, this is an updated page of what I posted last Sunday. I would like to thank everyone who sent their questions and best wishes. The answers are now below. There are some that I haven't yet answered but I will update this page. Some were duplicates so I'm going to skip those. Thank you again and may you all have a good and happy life with me.

What do you want as a gift for your birthday?

I actually told everyone who asked me that question that I wanted more precious metals mining shares on my birthday, and I did get what I want from several people already. Laughter Anything would do though, as long as it came from the heart. The heart is the biggest thing you could give to someone.

Where are your bets currently?

I'm still on precious metals and precious metals mining companies.

Tell me something random and unusual about you.

I don't know. I guess it's my love of being skinny. I don't really care about size or weight of other people but I really like it for myself. I have this love of being short, you know how short I am, and yet being really skinny. I think it gives you that doll-like look, short but still looks long. Laughter

Something you can't leave home without?

Music. I always have a pair of earphones with me so I can listen to music whenever I want.

What is your endgame in life?

I want to be able to raise my own family. I don't really care if I'll have a husband or not but nothing I think beats the achievement of being able to raise your own kids well. Also, the love between a parent his child is the strongest of all I think, and I want that love to be part of my life.

What will you wish when you blow a candle on your birthday?

I just want all my dreams to come true. Laughter Are you looking for something more specific? I just want to be happy. I achieved the most the past year, but felt empty and lonely. This is something that I wouldn't normally tell on a regular day. I'm okay though, and happy for everyone who had been there for me and will always love me.

Give something that makes you happy.

Cute baby videos of the Song Triplets.

What is love?

My definition of love is different from some people I think. Love to me is something that gives you the strength to be there for someone unconditionally. It doesn't mean that you can't get mad to that someone but that someone will always be in your heart and you have no doubt that time will heal your wounds from that person when in comes to that in time.

Describe yourself in three words.

Mysterious, dual and petite. You probably know already why I used the word petite for myself. Laughter

What is an ideal date for you?

A romantic date? I'm a home buddy, so cuddling on a couch while eating and watching maybe a BL movie or series would be really great.

Why flexitarian?

It's not easy to not eat meat all the time. Sometimes you go to a place and they have nothing but meat. Sometimes, though rarely, you may really want to eat meat, especially if it's in front of you. Also, I can't resist liver when it's available so don't serve liver too much. Laughter

Do you still like ******? (CENSORED)

****** who? Which one? Laughter (CENSORED)

Give three things you're looking for in a guy?

A partner? Smart, dependable and also wants kids.

First crush?

Hua Ze Lei Laughter

Warm or cold weather?

I like cold weather. I like it when I'm indoors and it's raining outside. Would definitely hate the rain though if I was outside, it makes everything dirty-like outdoors. Laughter

What subject are you bad at in high school?

Not sure. Filipino I think.

Do you workout?

No, I don't. I want to be as slim as possible, with my short height, to be on that doll-like look. Muscles aren't going to help me maintain that. Too masculine also for me. Let the Semes (Japanese term) do it. Laughter

Something you like to order in a Japanese retaurant?

Chicken Katsu. I rarely go to one, so don't judge.

Most expensive thing you own?

This is not something you discuss in public I think. Laughter

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